Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Today I decided to do something for myself. I started this blog years ago and then just let it go...I decided I would restart it up.

I have been blogging on my weight loss site for about 9 months and realized how much I do enjoy it so I thought I would put some effort back into this one.

Life here hasn't changed a lot - We still travel, home school and I am busy with my travel agency. I started a weight loss road trip this past February 1st - to date I have lost 63 pounds so that's the biggest change in my life.

Wow...I left off after my daughter graduated from Jr. High... she is now a Junior in high school. I blinked and somehow we have arrived at this point in her life. Tomorrow she will take the PSAT. She took it last year as a practice but this year is the one that counts. And last night came the moment that I dreaded. Her stress was at an all time high - it seems I have put to much pressure on her to do well. She did so well last year - we of course want to see her do better this year. We have attended the classes and studied and practiced our way into chaos! And she was feeling all of it. We would love to hit National Merit Scholarship level (Who wouldn't). Last year she wasn't far off but I realized that she has turned herself inside out with my help trying to achieve that level this year. I have unfairly pushed her into that mode. We all want our children to do well but I guess sometimes we don't stop to think about what we say. I have told her all I want is for her to do her best and to recheck her answers if she has time. But I have also told her the level she needs to achieve if she wants to try for the scholarship level. I guess I put to much emphasis on that part of my comments (or did she just hear it that way - that's a she said/she said type of conversation). Either way - I know she will do great - she always does. Today I have been concentrating on keeping her calm and the emphasis on just doing her best. Which is all I really wanted in the first place. Sometimes I think I should put myself in time out.

On another note - today is National Grouch day - the opportunity to be a little grouchy and celebrate that fact! And of course to honor one of the beloved Sesame Street characters of all times - Oscar the Grouch! If that doesn't work for you today is also National I Love Lucy Day, National Mushroom Day, and National Roast Pheasant.

Hmm..I am allergic to mushrooms so I can't celebrate that. I do love a good episode of I Love Lucy.

Have an awesome day! Treat yourself well - you deserve it! And if you're a little grouchy - it's ok. You can celebrate that today!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello Summer!

The excitement of graduation and the end of school has passed away into lazy days. Today is the first official day of summer. The last week has been busy with graduation, celebrations and turning in all of our school books.

My daughter's graduation was beautiful. It was one of those moments when we could not have been more proud of the person she has become. I managed not to cry which for me is a huge accomplishment. It seemed like she had just graduated kindergarten and here we were embarking on high school in a couple of months.

Father's Day brought a day of relaxation and a special preview of Disney's Cars 2. It was a very cute movie. I am not sure if I preferred the first one or this one. They were so different that each is very enjoyable in their own right.

Today is Tuesday and in our family it means only one thing. Well, maybe two things. Our local "cheap" theater is even cheaper at $1.00 a movie and that Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors has $1 scoop night.

Today my daughter and I went to the movie theater and saw Rio. We both really enjoyed it. It is from the creators of  Ice Age and a fun family movie. Movies have become so expensive that I just can't bring myself to go to the regular theater most of the time. You should check to see if you have a discount theater in your area. It's a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours without breaking the bank. Now, the refreshments are full price but it doesn't hurt quite as much when it only cost $2.00 to get us in to see the movie.

Tonight was our weekly trip to 31 Flavors for our $1.00 scoop night. Again, 31 Flavors is one of those places that I love. Let's be honest, if its ice cream - I love it. But at the regular cost, it just doesn't make sense to me. $1 scoop night is a perfect way to have a little treat without breaking the bank as well.

A little late but today was free admission to National Parks. There are remaining days this year. September 24 which is Public Lands Day and November 11-13 in honor of Veterans Day. Our parks are beautiful and you should visit one if you can.

Enjoy your first day of summer!